HK MR556 Competition 5.56mm 16.5″ Rifle – CA


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Using the HK MR556A1 as the platform to build a competitive rifle and with input from many competitive shooters, the Heckler & Koch Competition Model was developed for both casual shooters and the most demanding competitor. Ideal for 3 gun matches, the Competition Model adds the most critical fundamental enhancementsto the standard MR rifle.

Foremost among these additions are the new 14″ Modular Rail System(MRS), lightweight and easy to customize, the MRS allows sections of accessory rails to be added by the shooter where desired, but keeping weight down and presenting a more ergonomic and comfortable handguard surface. The extended length 14″ MRS is fully free float, favored by competitive shooters and present in all MR rifles. An extended magazine release is also included for quick magazine changes.

An innovative compensator by Operator Suppressor Systems Inc.(OSS) replaces the standard MT flash hider. OSS is a leader in the development and manufacturing of sound and flash suppression and uses technologies originated in those fields to create a unique and highly effective compensator.

The standard MT stock is replaced by the MagPul CTR buttstock, easy to adjust, the CTR moves smoothly on the receiver extension and locks securely in position. Profile and weight make this buttstock ideal for competitive shooters. All other standard features of the MR556A1 are retained on the Competition Model, including a German-made long service barrel produced by Heckler & Hoch’s famous cold hammer forging technology and HK’s famous piston operating system.

Found in the G36 and Hk416, this system uses a gas piston and pusher rod in place of the more common hollow gas tube normally employed on gas impingement AR-style rifles. The HK system improves reliability and reduces operator cleaning and maintenance as literally no carbon fouling or propellant gases are directed backinto the weapon beyond the gas cylinder located above the barrel.

The Competition Model is being produced in the USA, using joint U.S./German manufacturing capabilities and components, combining the design innovations of the USA and Germany into a superior product. And it’s covered by the Heckler & Koch Lidetime Warranty.

Caliber 5.56X45 NATO
Operating System Gas Operated, short stroke piston
Barrel Length 16.5″
Overall Length 37″(stock extended), 33.75″(stock collapsed)
Weight 8.81 lbs.
Trigger Pull 7.64 lbs.
Barrel Profile 6 lands & grooves, RH Twist, 1 in 7″
Buttstock MagPul CTR
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HK MR556 Competition 5.56mm 16.5" Rifle - CA


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