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The HK MR762 7.62mm Rifle represents all the best HK technology and a proven platform design made famous by the United States Military.  In its simplest form, the design cues come from the AR platform, and directly from the HK416 and 417, a rifle built to fulfill an operational need for the armed forces of the United States.  The internal components and operation ideas of the HK MR762 7.62mm Rifle however are uniquely Heckler and Koch.  With its history of producing guns “without compromise”, the company has once again met its credo.

The “piston driven system” uses a proprietary pushrod to cycle the bolt of the HK MR762 7.62mm Rifle, and has an aim of reducing fouling and heat transfer in the bolt and chamber area. The reduction in friction, heat and carbon fouling allows a longer service life for the component parts, especially the mission critical pieces prone to premature failure on other platforms and in other rifles, like the bolt and barrel.

The barrel is cold hammer forged, producing higher muzzle velocities, better gas seal and a longer service life, not to mention, better accuracy with many types of ammunition.

From a distance the rifle may appear to hawk some of its looks from the AR-10 platform, but up close, the HK MR762 7.62mm Rifle is uniquely its own.  It does however enjoy some of the operational standards of the AR platform, including: Adjustable buttstock, pistol grip, iron sights and a free floated front end and barrel.  HK proprietary Modular Rail System(MRS) allows the operator to place individual rail components and accessories anywhere along the sides of the forearm using the slotted interface. Ambidextrous controls allow for a large amount of usability in a whole host of combat situations.

Length, maximum (stock extended) 39.50 in.
Length, minimum (stock retracted) 35.94 in
Overall Width 3.23 in.
Height 8.39 in.
Barrel Length 16.50 in.
Rifle (with empty 10 round magazine) 9.94 lb.
Magazine (empty 10 round magazine) .34 lb
Other Specifications
Magazine capacity *Magazine Not Included
Trigger Pull 4.5–5.6 lbf /20–25 N (two stage trigger)
Barrel Profile 4 lands & grooves, right-hand twist, 1 in 12 in.
Sight Radius 16.14 in.
Sights None
Stock *Non-Adjustable
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HK MR762 7.62mm Rifle - CA Featureless


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